Now more than ever, good fitness and dedication to wellness are integral to having a positive and optimistic outlook! As we launch the ZentasticFit blog, we’d love to have you contribute. Write about what you’re passionate about and we’ll take care of the rest!

We welcome optimistic, forward-thinking, and entertaining content related to wellness, fitness, and personal health. We’ll also be sharing select posts on our social media channels as well. If you’re an instructor, our blog is a great way for members to find you since published posts will feature your profile image, and linked to your ZentasticFit profile.

We’re currently accepting posts on topics such as:

  • Display your instructor profile;
  • Connect with new clients and schedule your sessions;
  • Message your clients;
  • Conduct your sessions and consultations online; and
  • Enjoy marketing and full billing support for your business.

….and honestly, anything related to what you’re passionate about experiencing on ZentasticFit! We’re pretty open with topics, so send us a message and let’s chat about topics and how we share your writing. We’re excited to hear your perspective, learn more about what drives you, and help you connect with one and another on a more personal level!

So if you have an idea for a blog or an article or even just some topic suggestions that you’d like to see, get in touch - we’re excited to hear from you!

Please note: While we’d love to post pretty much anything, our blog does have some guidelines and restrictions. Articles and blogs submitted to us for consideration need to be connected to the services you’re offering on ZentasticFit in some way, and we may ask for further clarification if the connection isn’t immediately clear. We also reserve the right to edit as needed for clarity and flow prior to publishing.

Contact Us

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