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Hello! My name is Tryphena Wade. I am a Certified Master Life Coach. I specialize in Fearless Living and I’d love the opportunity to help you work through your fears. Life gives us so many opportunities to be controlled by fear. I know what it’s like to be full of fear; afraid to move, to make a choice, to make a change. I got to the point where I didn’t want that kind of life for myself anymore. So I figured out a way to get beyond my fear. I learned to recognize it, name it, confront it, and get to the other side. I began living a life not ruled by fear and sharing that life with others as a speaker, vlogger, and Certified Life Coach. Let me help you! During your session with me we will begin the process of unpacking your fear. Once we unpack the fear we can begin the work of sorting through it and figuring out how to get you to the other side so that you can achieve personal victory and begin living the life you truly desire. This is indeed a process, so it's possible that more than one session will be needed. If also offer group sessions and workshops, so let me know if you'd like to work through this process with your company, social, or family group. It is time for you to start living the life you’ve always wanted to live, free from fear and full of vision, purpose, and joy. Don’t allow fear to be the thief of your life any longer. "My life has proven to me the the euphoria of fearlessness trumps the comfort of staying safe." - Tryphena Wade Welcome to The Fearless Life!!


Master Life Coach

Professional Life Coach

Happiness Life Coach

Life Purpose Life Coach


I am a fully certified Master Life Coach. My specialty is Fearless Living.


I am a Master Life Coach certified through the Transformation Academy. My master coaching certification includes: - Happiness Life Coach - Goal Success Life Coach - Life Purpose Coach - Professional Life Coach


30 min: $50

60 min: $90

90 min: $120

Standard Cancellation Policy:
24 hours cancellation notice is required in order to ensure full refund.

My Experience

SPEAKER - WORKSHOP FACILITATOR: RALLY & REJOICE TRAVEL CONFERENCE I presented a session titled Keys To Fearless Living - Breaking Down The Fear Structure at Rally & Rejoice, the International Black Women Travel Jubilee online conference. Key Concepts included Unpacking Fear, Recognizing & Breaking Down the Fear Structure, Defining Personal Victory, and Moving Forward into Personal Victory. FEARLESS LIVING COACH 
 As a Fearless Living Coach, I facilitate workshops and private sessions centered around conquering fear. These sessions have been conducted in private events, online via the ZOOM platform, on FB Live, and IG Live. In addition, I offer one- on-one, corporate, and family coaching. CREATOR/COURSE INSTRUCTOR: THE FEARLESS LIVING SOCIETY 
I have created a collection of self-guided, online courses that are available on the Thinkific platform. Courses/materials include ‘The Breath for Fearless Living’, ‘8 Steps to Unpack Your Fear’, and ‘In The Moment’ tactics to combat fear quickly. CREATOR/HOST: FEARLESS FRIDAYS
 Fearless Fridays is a weekly empowerment series that seeks to encourage others to confront fear and live fully in spite of fear. I am the creator and host of this series that is shared on YouTube and IGTV with new episodes every Friday. CREATOR/FACILITATOR: THE FEARLESS LIVING SOCIETY 
As the creator of this private social group I was responsible for creating and sharing content that centered on fearless living. I also facilitated discussions in the group. SELF-PUBLISHED AUTHOR: THE HEART WORKS - A COLLECTION
I self-published The Heart Works - A Collection in August of 2017. This book is an empowering collection of personal stories and journal entries that chronicle a healing journey for the author and remind the reader of their own power and agency. The book is available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Signed copies can be purchased directly from me at

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Julia L
Tryphena is an excellent, inspirational life coach! We talked about her philosophy on analyzing and conquering fear. So I highly recommend her for you to work with her, especially if you've ever hesitated to try new opportunities in life because of fear.

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