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The ZentasticFit Team Oct 31, 2020



By registering as a member of ZentasticFit ("ZentasticFit.com," “the Platform,” "the Website"), you (“Client,” “Member”) agree to adhere to all of the following guidelines that will regulate all payments made by you to your ZentasticFit Service Providers (“Instructors”) through the Platform.

ZentasticFit strives to make your experience of finding and hiring a Service Provider easy and seamless by offering flexible scheduling, pay-as-you-go pricing, and a Money-Back Guarantee (please see below) on your first lesson with a Service Provider.


Only credit/debit card payments are accepted at this time. We are currently working on adding a PayPal payment option.

Whether you need an Instructor for a single session or for an entire year, ZentasticFit can help! There are no monthly subscription fees and you are free to browse ZentasticFit in search of Service Providers; we only ask you to sign in when you are ready to message an Instructor of your choice. You pay only for the sessions you take, plus a small 3.5% service fee. 

To ensure that our Service Providers get paid for the lessons they give, ZentasticFit requires that you pay for the lesson at the time of booking it. ZentasticFit will distribute payments to Service Providers after the lesson has concluded, provided no cancellation or request for a refund by the client took place. 

By using the ZentasticFit platform, you are agreeing to make all of your payments to instructors listed on ZentasticFit through the ZentasticFit platform. If your Service Provider has asked you to pay them directly or in any other way that subverts the ZentasticFit payment system, you may notify us via email ([email protected]) regarding the incident. 


~ ZentasticFit sends you a confirmation message each time a Service Provider places a Service with you on their schedule. This message will include the Service start time (in the time zone you indicated on your account), duration, subject, total amount to be paid, and a request to pay for the upcoming Service. Any questions or discrepancies with the details (time, fees, etc.) should be discussed directly with the Service Provider, who can then make changes to the Service.

~ You will be expected to pay for a Service with the Service Provider at the time of booking. A session cannot be streamed unless it has been paid for. 

~ ZentasticFit will send you a reminder at least 48 hours prior to the time of the session for you to confirm the time of the session. In cases where there is less than 48 hours from the time of booking until the start of the Service, the reminder notice will be sent as soon as the Service is booked and paid for.

~ You will have an opportunity to cancel or reschedule any booked session at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time. As long as this Service is more than 24 hours away, ZentasticFit will provide a refund for the session, including the 3.5% service fee.

~ If you fail to confirm or cancel the previously booked and paid for session within the allotted time, you agree that the session will be considered confirmed. 

~ If you fail to confirm or cancel your session and have not paid for it by 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time, your Instructor may choose to cancel it.

~ Once your payment has successfully processed, you will be sent a confirmation email and the Service will be marked as paid on your session details page. Your video stream will become available 30 minutes before the session's scheduled start time.

~ Service Providers are free to change their rates at any time. We encourage all our Service Providers to communicate any change of rate with their existing Clients ahead of time. The change in a Service Provider’s rate will not affect lessons that you have already booked and paid for. 


If you are not completely satisfied with their first session with your Instructor, you can request a refund for that session (plus the 3.5% service fee) within 24 hours after the conclusion of the session. If you request a refund after receiving more than one session from your Instructor, only the first session (plus the 3.5% service fee) will be refunded, provided it occurred less than 24 hours prior to the refund request.