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The ZentasticFit Team Nov 7, 2020

Getting Started as a Member


ZentasticFit is a platform where you can connect with various fitness, wellness, and beauty instructors and take private sessions and consultations online. There are no monthly subscription fees; just pay for the sessions you take. 


Sign up

To sign up, you’ll be required to provide your name, email address, age, and time zone. As per the Terms of Use, you must be at least 16 years old to register in the EU or European Economic Area, 13 in the U.S., and 18 otherwise. Please note: your birthdate is the one piece of personal information you are never able to change, so be accurate with this when you sign up. You can browse available instructors without creating an account; however, once you’re ready to message an instructor, you’ll be asked to create an account (or log in if you already have one). After signing up, you’ll need to verify your email. Once you do, you’re good to go!


Customize Your Profile

After verifying your email, you’ll be given the option to go to your profile to customize it. You can always do this later by editing your profile. This profile information is optional, but it can help your potential instructors get to know you better and to understand your fitness goals.