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The ZentasticFit Team Nov 7, 2020

What if a client doesn’t pay?


Once you and your client agree on a session’s date, time, and duration, you can schedule it on your ZentasticFit calendar. This will prompt the ZentasticFit platform to send your client an email with details about the session, the total amount to be paid, and a request to confirm and pay for the upcoming lesson. It is the responsibility of you and your client to discuss and address all questions or discrepancies with the details (time, fees, etc.) directly with one another. You can then make changes to the session details, if need be.

You will be notified via email once the session has been paid for. At that time, ZentasticFit will mark the lesson as paid on both your and your client’s accounts. This will allow the session stream to take place (a session cannot be streamed until it has been paid for). The “Join video session” button will appear on your session details page 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, assuming that payment has been successfully processed.

Please note that if a session is not showing as paid within 24 hours of the scheduled start time, you may cancel it so as to free up your availability for other clients. In order to avoid such session cancellations due to nonpayment, we strongly encourage you to check your upcoming sessions a couple of days in advance and remind your members to pay, if necessary.