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The ZentasticFit Team Nov 6, 2020

Messaging Tips


In order to develop and maintain a good rapport with your clients, and to help create a positive experience for them, we recommend that you follow these few tips for effective messaging. 


Be Prompt

Try to respond to messages within a few hours—at the very least, by the next day. This will show your members that you’re engaged, that you care, and that you’re responsible.


Be Professional

This is your means of communicating with members, so keep the tone and language professional, at least with initial correspondences: use full sentences and proper punctuation, avoid text speak (e.g., “LOL”, “BRB”, “UR”, etc.), and consider using salutations (e.g., “Hello, [member’s name]”) and sign-offs (e.g., “All the best, [your name]”). Once you get to know each other better and you build rapport, you can let things become a little more casual. Also, since members (and you) get a notification for each message, consider sending your entire communication as one message, rather than sending a separate message for each sentence, like you might with a text message. In short, treat messages like you would an email account.


Be Friendly

Even as you aim for a professional tone, keep it friendly and engaging. This will be part of your first impression with a member, so make it a good one.


Be Safe

We encourage you to keep all communication on our secured messaging system and we recommend that you avoid sharing personal contact information (full name, address, email, phone) or links to external sites/pages. If you feel comfortable sharing your social media information via messages, we can’t stop you, but we do not recommend it.