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The ZentasticFit Team Oct 28, 2020

Getting Started as an Instructor


ZentasticFit is a platform where you can connect online with members (clients). There is no registration fee or subscription for having an account. Instead, 15% of your session fee is used to cover platform costs, meaning that you only pay when you get paid. All you need is to create a public instructor profile page and add a valid bank account (or debit card) to receive payments. You’ll also need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and eligible to work in the U.S. (please note that your birthdate is the one piece of personal information you are never able to change, so be accurate with this when you sign up);
  • If you wish to conduct sessions with minors, you must pass a background check (background check is optional otherwise); 
  • If legally required to possess a diploma, certificate, or license for the subject area(s) you wish to teach on the platform, you must have a valid diploma/certificate/license (uploading it to your account is optional, but we highly encourage you to do so; when your certification is reviewed and accepted by the ZentasticFit team, it will receive a green checkmark on your profile, indicating your qualifications to potential clients); and,
  • You must accept the ZentasticFit Terms of Use and Independent Instructor Terms


Signing up as an Instructor

Click on the “Become an Instructor” button (on the top right menu bar or below the search bar on the homepage) to be redirected to the registration screen. If you’re already a member, you can also begin the instructor registration process from your member settings by navigating to “My Settings”, going to your “Account” page, and then clicking on the “Become an Instructor” button.

After signing up, you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Click on the link in the email to verify your email address.


Create Your Profile

After verifying your email, you will be walked through your profile creation. You can always edit this information later by editing your profile. Some of this information is optional (required elements are marked with an asterisk and are indicated on your profile as required for submission), but all of it can help you better market yourself and get clients.

  • *Subject(s) you’ll teach (yoga, dance, fitness, nutrition, life coaching, or beauty; you may select multiple)
  • *Preferred title (e.g., Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach, etc.)
  • * Whether you will teach minors (“No” is selected by default)
  • *Rate (per 30-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions)
  • *Availability (you can add up to three time slots for each day of the week or indicate a flexible weekly schedule)
  • *Your approach to your subject (describe what kind of sessions you deliver, what makes you unique, what members can expect from you, etc.)
  • Profile photo (an image that’s both friendly and professional can help attract business);
  • About you (instruction/industry experience)
  • Education, certifications, specialties, and awards that are relevant to what you intend to teach on the platform
  • Languages
  • Background check (required only if you plan to teach minors)

Note: When members do keyword searches to look for instructors, all text on your profile will be searched, so don’t feel like you have to say everything in just one section and make sure to use important keywords that describe you and your instruction style.

Once you’ve completed your profile to your liking, make sure that you have entered all the required information (the boxes on the right side of the screen will tell you what you need to complete and if you’ve completed it) and submit your profile by clicking on the “Submit profile for review” button. Your profile will need to be reviewed and approved by the ZentasticFit team before it will go live and be visible to members. This will usually happen within a few hours, but it could take longer, depending on various factors. You will be notified by email when your profile becomes live.


Add Your Bank Account or Debit Card

Go to your dashboard. Click on the blue “Link Account” button to be taken to Stripe, a secure, payment processing software. Follow the onscreen instructions. Payments are made via direct deposit, so, in order to get paid, you will need to enter your bank account or debit card information. You can accept bookings and teach classes before providing your bank account information, but payments will not be made available to you until we have a linked account on file.