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The ZentasticFit Team Nov 6, 2020

Do I need to get a background check?


As per our Terms of Use and Independent Instructor Terms, you only need to get a background check if you wish to work with minors. If you’re instructing adults, you are not required to get a background check. That being said, it’s a small fee and it may enhance your appeal to potential members. Our chosen background check organization is Checkr, Inc.; the cost of a background check is $15.99.

If you do get a background check and if you pass, a “Background checked” badge will be displayed on your profile next to your name. If you fail a background check, depending on the severity of the offense(s), ZentasticFit reserves the right to decline listing your services and delete your account. For more information on the subject please refer to the ZentasticFit Background Check Policy.