Six Amazing Benefits of Combining Life Coaching with Hypnotherapy

Have you ever considered using a process like hypnotherapy within the genre of life coaching? You might be surprised at how beneficial combining these two practices can be.

While a life coach is an amazing way to supercharge your success, hypnotherapy can help you leverage the extraordinary power of your subconscious mind to release old patterns so you can heal and overcome challenges you are fighting with.

Each of these practices is extraordinary on its own, but even better when combined! 

Both Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy can help you in many ways including:

  1. Helping you take stock of where you are and where you want to be.
  2. Encouraging you to stay motivated.
  3. Helping you create healthier habits and patterns of success.
  4. Helping you identify activities that tend to drain you and work against your highest goals.
  5. Helping you to get unstuck.
  6. Helping you focus on how you can best prioritize large overwhelming issues or challenges.

Let’s look at hypnotherapy first.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Many people misunderstand hypnosis and some even believe it is a form of mind control. None of that is true. Hypnosis is a very common state of mind, one you drift in and out of on a regular basis. If you have ever gotten lost in thought or engrossed in a great book or a good movie, you have experienced a form of hypnosis. 

Hypnosis is very safe because your mind is always in control. No one can make you do anything that goes against your morals or values. For example, if someone told you to go out and rob a bank, and that isn’t something you would ever do, then your mind won’t allow you to take on that suggestion. It’s really very simple.

Hypnosis is merely a way to gain access to the deeper part of your mind, the subconscious mind where changes are more easily made.

The reality is that anything that causes your mind to wander stimulates your imagination creating a suggestible state of mind. All of this could be classified as a form of hypnosis. 

Your subconscious mind is like a preprogrammed car on autopilot. It takes the familiar road, whether you want to go there or not.  Your subconscious mind has no ability to steer itself in a new direction because it follows whatever you program into it over time. 

If you want your life to move in a different direction, you must give your mind new directions. With hypnosis, you can do that. 

Your conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg because it can only retain a small amount of information at any given time. 

Your subconscious mind holds the key to making changes that last. All those little thoughts you think about all day long basically create your life. Most of us focus on the problems and those things we aren't happy with. 

You can guess what happens when you focus on the negative can't you? That's right, more of the negatives come in. If you dwell on those things that aggravate or annoy you, that's what comes into your life. It's really very simple. 

Hypnosis changes your thought processes at a very deep level of the mind, helping you flow into change. Combining hypnosis with something like life coaching makes it even more powerful. 

What Exactly is a Life Coach?

A life coach is both a mentor and a partner who can help you redirect your focus. A life coach can help you with many things including helping you fine-tune personal and professional goals, help you achieve a better work-life balance and help you move forward in life by helping you define the steps needed to move closer to your goals.

Life coaching is a professional partnership between a coach and an individual and it is typically focused on the discovery of your life direction. Life coaching is usually based on a holistic and action-based approach that promotes the process of understanding overall life purpose. 

Many people come to coaching with specific goals in mind. But to achieve our goals we also need to find ways to stay energized, keep moving forward, and get things done.

A life coach can help:

  1. You take stock of where you are and where you want to be.
  2. Encourage you to stay motivated.
  3. You create healthier habits and create a pattern of success.
  4. You identify activities that tend to drain you and work against your highest goals.
  5. You get unstuck.
  6. You focus on how you can best prioritize large overwhelming issues or challenges.

One of the best things a life coach can do for you is to help you gain clarity on what you want, why you want it and how you can get it. Sometimes getting that outside perspective may be all you need to get unstuck and start moving forward again. 

A good life coach can help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to go. A life coach can also help you create strategies and techniques that help facilitate change, which in turn help you overcome obstacles that you have had difficulties overcoming.

A life coach is both a mentor and a coach essentially helping broaden your perspective and helping you get out of your own way. Combined with something like hypnosis, there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve in life. 

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By Leslie Riopel

Leslie is the creator of and the co-author of the Bless the Mess Mindfulness Journal: 53 Unique Mindfulness Exercises for Sur-Thriving in a Challenging New World available on Amazon.

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