How Can a Holistic Nutritionist Help Me?

As their name would suggest, holistic nutritionists (sometimes called wellness nutritionists or health and/or wellness coaches, though some wellness coaches may focus more on mental well-being than on nutrition) focus on using nutritional practices to treat the whole person. Some may focus on natural-food-based remedies to treat various ailments and conditions, whereas others may simply focus on how to be healthy in body, mind, and soul (with nutrition being an important part of that).

Holistic nutritionists are sort of like the general practitioners of the nutrition world. For specific concerns and issues, you may want to seek out someone more specialized (just like you’d want to see a cardiologist if you’re having heart problems, for example). However, because holistic nutritionists have broad knowledge of how the body and mind work, are interconnected, and are affected by nutrition, they’re ideal people to go to for advice and coaching on how to be healthy and well across all aspects of your being.

Having such a comprehensive understanding of body, mind, and diet means that holistic nutrition coaches are uniquely equipped to help you deal with a variety of topics and concerns, like weight loss, mood, and disease management. Let’s take a look at some of the things nutrition coaches can help you with.

Weight Management

As people in the fitness industry like to say, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. In other words, when it comes to having and maintaining a healthy weight, diet cannot be overlooked. Online nutrition coaches can help you understand your body’s unique nutritional requirements, and all from the comfort of your own home.

You can get personalized advice and recommendations on a diet that will help you lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight. You can even get customized meal plans. But perhaps most importantly, you get accountability to help you stay on track with your goals.

Mood and Mental Health

We are what we eat, both physically and mentally. Our minds might not be tangible things, but they are based in our tangible brains. This means that what affects the rest of our body will affect our brain and, therefore, our mind. Food has a profound effect on the body, so its effect on our cognition, mood, and mental health is no surprise. Holistic nutritionists can help you understand how what you eat is affecting your mood or your attitude or your job performance. More than that, they can help recommend dietary changes to improve your mood and boost your cognition.


Chronic pain is a growing issue in today’s society, and many instances of chronic pain can be tied to chronic inflammation. Whereas some medical doctors might dismiss chronic pain as “in the mind” and might consider plant-based remedies unscientific, a holistic nutritionist will understand that there is likely a physical cause for the pain—one that can probably be treated—and will value the effectiveness of certain herbal and dietary remedies in treating that cause. Moreover, because they understand how the mind and the body are connected, and because many understand the effect that activity and diet have on the body, holistic nutritionists are likely to be able to help you develop exercise and dietary habits that can reduce inflammation, which could reduce, if not eliminate, chronic pain.

Physical Performance

Depending on what level of performance you’re looking to achieve, and what kind of physical pursuit it is, you may want to see a specialized sports nutritionist. However, if you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, a holistic nutrition coach can help you determine what your body will need to fuel and recover from workouts to get stronger and faster.

Disease Management

Depending on the condition and its severity, you may need to see a disease specialist, but some health and wellness coaches may have extensive knowledge of and experience with using a food-based approach to managing certain diseases. For example, certain GI issues could be caused by food sensitivities; a nutritionist could help you understand your sensitivities and find relief from your symptoms.

Final Remarks

As you can hopefully see by now, there’s a lot that can be gained by working with a wellness nutritionist, from mental well-being to weight management to physical health. 

If you could use some help in any of these areas, or if you’re just looking to improve your overall health and your nutritional knowledge and habits, check out our online nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness coaches on ZentasticFit. You’ll get the same personalized coaching as you would with an in-person nutritionist, but with the convenience of doing it virtually from the comfort of your own home and on your time and your terms.


By Dustin R. Meriwether

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