Better Body Image: A Surprising Potential Benefit of Yoga

Yoga has become a popular activity for many people in recent years, and for a good reason: it can calm the mind, improve physical health, and boost the mood. Many people have begun noticing a difference as they watch the best beginner yoga videos and start to do it daily.

Once you make online yoga workouts a regular part of your exercise routine, you’ll start to see improvement in your flexibility, range of motion steadily and feel more at peace with yourself. Beginner yoga videos are a great way to get used to some of the poses and feel more comfortable with different styles. If you aren’t sure where to start with yoga, our yoga instructors offer personalized online yoga workouts  designed specifically for your fitness level, your goals, and your lifestyle.

But one surprising benefit of yoga is that, when practiced authentically, it can enhance the practitioner’s body image. Yoga can help you feel focused, boost your body image, and help you connect to yourself better. Many studies, including this one, have demonstrated that yoga has a clear impact on improving mental health and well-being. 

According to this study, women participating in yoga programs were more likely to experience better body image overall compared to when they first started the yoga program. Participants also reported that they viewed their bodies more compassionately, appreciatively, and were more satisfied with their appearance overall. 

Findings like these emphasize the importance of practicing yoga and the results you can see if you were to practice it consistently. Even incorporating yoga into your workout routine once or twice a week can lead to a marked difference in mental health, so it’s definitely worth trying. Yoga workouts online are a great way to recharge, slow down, and really think about your intentions and goals when it comes to fitness in a mindful way. If you’re looking to start incorporating more yoga into your routine, the ZentasticFit platform offers one-on-one online yoga classes with experienced and talented yoga teachers of your choice.