10 Unique Types of Yoga Practices - What Type of Yoga Practice is Right for You?

With so many yoga practices to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to try and pick the style that is appropriate for you. If you are confused as to what style of yoga is right for you, you’re certainly not alone.  Read here for more tips on all the different types of yoga available. Not every style of yoga is appropriate for everyone, so it pays to do your homework.

Let’s examine 10 styles of yoga now.

1. Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is also called antigravity yoga and is typically done with a hammock or swing. If you are looking for a unique yoga practice, aerial yoga might be perfect for you. In aerial yoga, you are fully supported by the hammock, so many poses that might be difficult on the yoga mat can be done with ease in aerial yoga.

2. Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga tends to be a more physically demanding type of yoga. This type of practice involves moving through a progressive series of yoga postures as you work to synchronize the breath. As you move through the poses, you build up internal heat which helps to detoxify the muscles as well as the organs. Ashtanga yoga can also help you improve circulation as it calms the mind and body.

3. Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is typically a more generalized yoga practice. It utilizes basic yoga poses and breathing, helping you strengthen the mind, body, and spirit. This practice is focused on the basics such as physical postures and breathwork and it is an excellent practice for building strength and enhancing energy. Practicing hatha yoga can help you prepare the mind and body for those deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.

4. Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is based on Bikram yoga, where you move through intense yoga sequences in a very hot room. It is very intense. In most hot yoga practices, the temperatures are often scorching, as you move through the poses. If you are interested in an intense yoga practice, hot yoga might be just what you need.

5. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini refers to the energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. It is a form of yoga that often involves chanting, singing, and breathing. As you practice kundalini yoga, you learn how to activate your spiritual energy as you move through specific poses. This type of practice is ideal for those seeking a yoga practice that combines spirituality and meditation.

6. Power Yoga

Power yoga is a practice originally meant for those who were athletic. It is a very intense practice, that is often fast paced. Power yoga is a style of yoga that allows you to flow from pose to pose, and it also focuses on strength, concentration, breathwork, and flexibility. Power yoga is a more advanced yoga suitable for athletes and anyone else looking for an intense practice.

7. Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is specifically designed for pregnant moms. During a prenatal yoga session, you will focus on sequences that are very gentle, targeting areas that tend to be impacted by pregnancy such as the back and hips. This type of yoga practice is ideal for increasing strength and flexibility. In prenatal yoga, you will also learn different techniques to help you relax.

8. Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a very restful type of yoga practice. It is a good yoga practice for helping to manage stress. This type of practice is an excellent choice for beginners and it often involves holding poses for longer periods of time, similar to yin yoga. The goal of this type of practice is deep relaxation. Restorative yoga might also use props such as blankets, and yoga blocks to help support the body.

9. Vinyasa Yoga

In a vinyasa yoga practice, you will focus on a series of poses that are coordinated with the breath. As you flow from pose to pose, you can link the breath with your movements. If you enjoy a more active yoga practice, and you like variety, vinyasa yoga might be perfect for you. The vinyasa practice is also a much broader practice and focuses on the idea of flowing from pose to pose.

10. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a very soothing type of yoga practice. The focus of yin yoga is on holding poses for longer periods of time. As you hold the poses, you also strengthen and lengthen tissues and muscles that aren't normally used. Yin yoga also utilizes the breath to help you work through discomfort and pain. This type of slow yoga practice is often combined with meditation, and it is an excellent practice for those looking to deepen their awareness.


No matter what type of yoga practice you are looking for you can rest assured knowing that there is a style perfect for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a slow flow restorative yoga class, or a power yoga class to build strength and endurance, yoga is a great form of exercise across different fitness levels.

Use this opportunity to connect with your breath and add a more meditative aspect to your workouts. Yoga is a balance between breath and movement, and connecting to a deeper part of you to find strength, balance and coordination as you move through poses. Opt for a soothing practice like yin yoga to help you slow down, or something a bit more fast-paced like vinyasa to work on your breath and movement.

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By Jordan Blair

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